Monday, February 23, 2009

how to dress like a parisienne: winter edition

Refer yourself to this. The top half is pretty accurate with the exception of the outside the coat rule (see 1a).

1. a scarf
  • Typically a thick knitted one with lots of texture. Most commonly grey over a black coat, black over a grey coat or some kind of off-white. This is absolutely essential. You will rarely see a Parisien, man or woman, sans écharpe. I literally have not seen the same scarf twice with the exception of the grey knitted ones. Definitely an investment piece - I saw one such hoe cost over 100 euro au bon marché. H&M should do the trick though.
  • Always outside of the coat
  • Typical wrapping techniques: Around the neck twice and finished with a half-shoelace
1a. tuck hair with scarf into coat
  • self-explanatory. Very necessary for long hair - it's instant chic if you can deal with the ticklies associated with tucked in hair
2. leather bag
  • It is SO easy to get a nice leather bag in Paris - whether it be vintage (the big ones range from 25-50 euros) or at a department store or boutique. I highly recommend the boutiques. Even the shitty ones have kick ass leather bags
3. booties
  • Contrary to what sartorialist makes you think, most Parisiennes sasha fierce down la rue with short, flat booties with a lot of ankle slack. Only the truly fabulous have time for heeled booties and heels in general. Again neutral colors..
4. tights
  • this one's obvious. They are well accomplished at wearing brown tights - something I never achieved.
5. mini-jupe (short skirt)
  • or something to show off those svelte legs
6. short locks
  • very à la mode right now - instantly solves the tucking problem
7. a well tailored coat: either form-fitting or with an interesting shape
8. lipstick
  • red or an interesting shade of salmon will do. Recently I've become a big fan of lipstick. Really wakes everything up. My preferred technique is dabbing and blotting so there's just a stain and not a layer.
Et voilà. Follow these steps and you'll be effortlessly chic even on your tiredest of days.


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  2. mmmm the huge knitted écharpe was très populaire in korea this winter, as well.. haven't seen it as much in the US, but there ya go. :) you're such a little parisienne, ma cherie <3