Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey Freshmen

Now begins my posts on my beloved, soon-to-be Alma Mater. Now that I'm a senior at Columbia, I've gone through all phases of jaded Columbia Student and want to offer wisdom and anecdotes until I'm an alum and no longer relevant.

The 2013s galavanting on campus with none of the big folks around brings back so many old memories... It was like yesterday that just because I lived in Furnald people wouldn't talk to me, and that there was actually rivalry between two floors of Carman (9?)

But seriously, people will find it very difficult to accept you if you live in Furnald. In John Jay, you get the true nerds mixing in with the occasional really hot, probably rich and possibly European kids walking half nekkid to the men's bathroom and equally as occasional slut who brings back a different douchebag every night of orientation. There's plenty of camraderie and always an awkward conversation going on in the doorway.

Possibly one of the shittiest experiences I've had at Columbia involved me as a freshman venturing into Carman or John Jay parties and being given the stink eye for not living in either building. The only friendly encounter I had was with one drunk specimen, shirtless and strumming guitar in the hallway in Carman. That guy was definitely dtf, f standing for fornicate. Not that I had that kind of encounter my freshman year.

Oh the good old days...