Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode Review: Vintage in Paris attacks!

Episode; 16 Rue Tiquetonne 75006 Paris.

Pros: Big, bright and well organized; Price - everything excluding the accessories ranged from 10-25 euros.

Overall: A plethora of 80's gear for guys and gals.

Finds: A lot of hats, a rack of woolen, high-waisted shorts, two racks of sequin capulets, outrageous theatre costumes, an overstock of gas masks (really), a small but interesting selection of bags, some good pairs of boots (that applies to most vintage haunts in Paris though) and quirky t-shirts.

Cons: When I say mostly 80's I really mean it - unless plaid is your thing

Up Next: Kiliwatch, Free'p'star and designer vintage

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