Monday, July 20, 2009

Wilco the album

I love Wilco. To death. Ever since a certain ex boyfriend introduced me to them (as well as the whole genre of not-classical music), I will never tire of their stellar musicianship.

I was however not entirely pleased with their latest release. Jeff Tweedy explained in an interview that the self entitled album was everything that "sounded like Wilco", and doesn't have the same kind of defining characteristic like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or Summerteeth. It was a mish mash of everything they've used in past albums.. but I suppose they already started moving in this direction with Sky Blue Sky. Doesn't mean I'm not going to buy it though.

I was disappointed with Fleet Foxes' follow up single "Mykonos" for similar reasons. I guess I don't like talented artists and bands to sound like "themselves". I can only hope to achieve the neverending inventiveness of Radiohead...

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