Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twitter Twatter

I remember the good old days when Columbia's Academic Advising center invited us sophomores to join this thing called "Twitter" to keep up with their updates. Nobody knew what that fuck twitter was or how it was supposed to be useful if we couldn't rebuild our facebook connections on it, but alas I joined and never looked at my account again until about a year later.

I always tend to miss out on this internet shit because well, I really hate the way that the internet is ruling my life. I signed up really early for twitter and a film makers/actors/producers etc. online community Massify and could have totally Tela Tequila'd the crap out of the sites and reached god like status if it weren't for my internal struggle with technology.

I constantly sign in and out of gmail, facebook and now my work e-mail, but I kick myself both when I leave things open and when I waste time signing in and out several times during a session on el Firefoxo. The open gmail tab almost guarantees that my eyes will flicker between it and what I'm actually trying to focus on, and you know my ass goes straight to my inbox as soon as I receive a new e-mail, which is usually from Ticketmaster or Urban Outfitters.

Let's go back to AIM. I want to find love at first a/s/l?

Now I'm going to be a hypocrite (a rather common occurrence) and provide my twitter link for you to follow.

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