Saturday, January 3, 2009

Urban Dictionary this

Many boys I meet in their collegiate-verging-on-twenty-somethings can name pretty much every indie-riffic band I heard about while interning at The MuseBox, sweating and scowling at wayfarers and cut-offs in Brooklyn and skeptically surfing the blogosphere. They vehemently denounce 'mainstream' music and hoard an impressive number of albums of bands that the average person will never hear about. Meanwhile they will converse with you (briefly) on the street through the din of their impossibly hip headphones.

The music snob.

Yes you know who they are. They are usually boys. They usually live in New York. They don't actually play an instrument. Two chord changes throughout the whole song is genius. Fuck buttons - I'm coming for you. One such music snob boy I know even admitted to being pretentious...and loving it. Needless to say there is good music out there; good music that isn't plagued by the business aspect of the music industry.

But please, before you become a music snob, pick up a guitar and play a chord. Better yet listen to some Beethoven or Chopin. Now there's some damn good music.

P.S. I know I said I would post often and I will. Lack of activity due to wisdom teeth removal post traumatic stress.

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  1. haha why are you so hilarious, alice hu? i'm obsessed with you. hope your teeth (more accurately, the holes where your teeth used to be) feel better soon. k HEARTS