Saturday, August 8, 2009

delayed reaction

Is it just me, or (to borrow from Gollum) is the pollen being tricksie this year? Last spring in the last two weeks of May I got seasonal allergies for the first time ever, right in time for finals. The combination of Zyrtec and little sleep didn't really work in my favor. But things were alright immediately following those two weeks - it was like nothing ever happened despite my going back home to trees and flowers USA long island.

This summer however has been a mild day of allergy season. Everyday. The itchy eyes are especially annoying because I'm only 50% sure it's allergies and not another cornea infection (thanks, contact lenses). Dr. mom says it's the unusually high rain fall and their mold accomplices. But maybe I'll just go blind. I mean it's definitely the next trend. Fall 2009 no eyebrows; Spring 2010 no eyesight. At least it won't be as silly as harem pants. (and no, that is not me.. although there is a striking resemblance)

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