Saturday, March 28, 2009


Since the boat party and prodigy concert that smacked my ears up:

- went to l'opéra garnier and listened to a Greek tragedy in Italian to the stylings of Mozart with French subtitles. Moving but too many languages. Will definitely return to the opera. Bought someone else's tickets for the first time - for some reason the woman selling them targeted me and only me. Perhaps my munching on an olive roll made me look box worthy. A lot of gold and fancy shmance.

- Saw the Eiffel Tower up close and personal. Yes can you believe it's been this long? Saw the Andy Warhol exhibit. Nipples and color.. not a big fan of pop art but at least I know what he was all about now. Commission. Saw Ave Montagne - Chanel, Prada, YSL et cetera and the glitziest hotels in the brilliant sunshine. Sat on a green green lawn near Trocadero with the gamins and smelled the pollenated air of spring. Watched them be all entitled and carefree. Walked along a rooftop park. Went to a bio market with meticulous mountains of strawberries. Went to Palais de Tokyo. Hipster art abounds. Space Invaders! Search for them.

- Had a hearty lunch at American Breakfast in Paris. Loved making 75% of the noise in the room with the posse without feeling loudly inappropriate Americans. Huge pancakes. A fucking veggie burger. VEGGIE burger. Well more precisely tofu. Went back to Le Potager du Marais. Vegetarian food! Quinoa croustillant. Fabulous.

Less M.I.A. and summarizy post this post.

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