Sunday, April 12, 2009

Once upon a Behati

Once upon a time I went to two gallery openings in New York one balmy winter's eve with my good friend Reni Lane, newly signed to Custard/Universal/gloriousness. If you're out there somewhere in Brooklyn, tu me manques à Paris.

The first one we went to featured sexual themes and willy wonka-esque colors. The artist was a middle-aged man who I guess overcame his crisis. I think he was a teacher beforehand. After gorging ourselves on mini cupcakes, we were getting bored and decided to venture into utilities closest from which many people were curiously flitting in and out.

We found ourselves amidst piles of Jeurgen Teller issues, gigantic rolls of bubble wrap and a bunch of new york art scenesters getting high on that cat nippy herb whose name I fail to remember. There was a nice girl there with a floppy rastafarian hat getting very cuddly on some boy. She introduced herself as Behati, which meant nothing to me until Reni informed me that she was some big model or something. Well this model person left her auburn calvin klein sweater behind in her spontaneity. We took it for safe keeping and it was passed onto me.

Dear Behati,

If you miss your sweater. I have it if you ever want it back.

This is not a fashion blog. Damnt I swear! But seriously I had a rough half month. Stay tuned for my various revelations on life.

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!! You still have that sweater? Dayum.