Friday, December 19, 2008

Not there yet

Like everyone and their mom I will maintain a blahg while I'm in Paris. Better yet my lazy ass will probably keep posting on this doodle well after I come back from France. Furthermore, before I go to France this will be my regular blog. And after. In summary the title of this blog is useless. C'est la vie. 

Allow me to introduce myself. Je m'appelle Alice. I write music. I go to Columbia University. I am a premed. I play piano, violin and guitar. I act. I draw. I paint. I emote. I like periods. I like movies. and books. and french. I'm always looking for a good lol. I am vulgar. I have opinions on things.

Most recently I made a music video. You should watch it. I even embedded it so you wouldn't have to be redirected to the tube of you. Harry Potter makes a significant cameo. Oh wait, that's Alex Klein, with whom I will soon have a band. A kick ass band. That makes dance music and/or real music. 

And no, not all of my sentences will be fragments and austeriffic Hemingway-like. Srsly. 


  1. except hemmingway's the way to go. esp if you're doing it expat style. rawr

  2. "suck my dick incandescent light bulbs"